About Guilty

I’ve never been arrested before…

I mean I’ve done some pretty dumb shit just like most people, but as I waited in a cell with my mind racing from a concoction of emotions like adrenaline, fear, anxiety, sadness and a slight bit of happiness from the serotonin levels that were only getting greater from the drugs I had ingested earlier.

There were two thoughts in my head…

The first was “Mum is going to fucking kill me” not the most productive thought admittedly but my mum basically thinks that if you are involved with drugs you’re scarface. She caught me with weed at 17 and her next rationale thought was…

He has a gun.

Relax mum it's just a bit of pot… I’m not Walter White.

The second a slightly more productive thought, although I didn’t know it at the time was “Guilty Apparel, now that's a fucking cool name” and although I was fortunate enough to get off without a criminal conviction I knew I had fucked up.

So the idea of Guilty Apparel was born.

Now I didn’t just start this because I had a name that meant something to me, I started it because once I quit snowboarding I felt like I had lost my purpose in life. This is why I was partying constantly and I had no fucking clue what I actually wanted to do with my life.

Owning my own company and getting to be a part of the skate, snow, surf & wake scene in another way has reignited the passion that I had for snowboarding. Something to look forward too, a hobby to excel at on a daily basis.

I didn’t write this to finish with some holistic shit on being straightedge. I wrote this because I have always been known as a trouble maker & to me, Guilty Apparel represents the fact that getting in trouble & breaking the rules doesn’t make you a bad person.

No good story ever came from following the rules and if you think otherwise press the escape button and go fuck yourself this isn’t the brand for you.

But if you’re still reading this you clearly don’t mind the profanity & now that I’ve got rid of 50% of the population who are probably pussy’s anyway.

This is what I want you to take from this.

Understand we all make mistakes and I know if you’re vibing with this whole story you’ve probably been just like me… Always in the principles office, constantly up to mischief but you probably also don’t take a lot of shit & you tend to do what you want when you want.

That's what Guilty Apparel is all about, proving to everyone who thought you’d never amount to shit that getting in trouble & breaking the rules has nothing to do with becoming a decent human being & living a fucking awesome life.

So what is my promise as the founder and the brand?

First of all my real name is James Churches & I have started Guilty Apparel with essentially nothing. My goal is to grow & build a loyal customer base that's going to watch Guilty Apparel become a GLOBAL brand.

To do that this is my promise.

  • I will make the best possible product I can
  • I will provide the best customer service I can
  • I will personally handle feedback & complaints

If you're digging what we are all about and want to be a part of this culture we're creating then there are a few different ways you can support us.

The easiest is to make sure you're following us on all our socials especially Instagram that's where we are most active @guiltyxapparel and engage with the brand leave a comment when we post and share it around.

 The best way to support us is to make a purchase this has been started with nothing and to make it grow the most important thing is customers!

Cheers for taking the time to read our story if you have any questions email us at james@guilty-apparel.com or DM us on Instagram.