Want to get laid?

Welcome to Guilty Apparel

Why do we buy brand name clothes? Well the simple answer is usually because we want to look good.

Why do we want to look good? Well if you dig deeper than the bullshit answers of so I feel good there is really only one conclusion & that is… To get LAID.

Thats right you buy clothes in the hopes that you’ll be taking those clothes off at the end of the night, and guess what…

Guilty Apparel can help.

A recent testimonial from one of our customers who wishes to remain confidential says…

“I’ve struggled for years when it comes to women & I feel as if your advertising has been completely misleading! I’ve been wearing my Guilty Tee for a week now and still havn’t been laid. WTF DUDE this is a rip off!

Obviously this is a terrible review & since we pride ourselves on customer service we decided to dig deeper into this and solve the problem. Here is what we found…

Disclaimer: We do not actually know Dan Bilzerian but if you do hook us up.

Problem solving at its finest.

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